Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mischievous Puppy!

Our Cute Puppy we brought home 8 years ago, wasn't so cute after all. She ate 4 pairs of my shoes, my wedding album, dry wall, our end tables, and anything she could get her mouth on! I guess the chew toys and bones didn't satisfy her! My husband and I both were working at the time, so she was left alone with time to be bored. I would come home from my lunch break and let her out to do her business.  At first we used a crate to contain her to help with potty training, but then we felt bad that she was cooped up while we were gone. That was a mistake since she decided to eat everything in site. I remember a couple times I came home to find my garbage was all over the floor due to my naughty pup having herself a snack. Then I would let her outside and she would find a way to get all muddy by digging holes or rolling around in mud!

We decided we wanted her to have free rein of the yard so we trained her on an electric fence with a shock collar! Well somehow she found ways to escape out of the yard. I wished we had a fenced in yard. She is an indoor dog so she has access to all parts of our home, however don't wear black clothes to our home or you will turn into a fur ball! We wouldn't trade anything for our loving dog, but the first couple of years of having a puppy is a challenge to say the least!

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