Sunday, December 16, 2012

Puppy Potty Training Tips

Potty training larger breed dogs can be easier then training smaller breed dogs. It came easy for Carley, she only had a few accidents in house and then she learned quickly to go potty outside. It's important to use a dog crate to train your dog. When we bought our crate from Pet Smart, we bought it large enough for her to grow into, but with a divider. She slept one side with the divider as a small puppy. Dogs typically wont go to the bathroom in the place they sleep.

If your dog is in the small portion of the crate with the divider, they usually will wait to go potty so they don't soil the area they are laying in.  Its helpful to let your dog out of the crate every couple of hours and keep your dog in the crate daily to train them. Another tip is to use a repetitive key word for when they relieve themselves outdoors. We would say the words "go potty" every time she went potty outside. Praising them is crucial too. Carley responded well to us saying "good girl" in a high pitched voice over and over when she went potty outside or we would give her a treat too. When she had accidents indoors and if we caught her doing it, we would say "No No" and rush her outside. But we would never rub her nose in it or say bad girl or hit her! She learned pretty fast!  


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