Sunday, December 16, 2012

Puppy Love

Our Labrador Retriever. We brought her home May 28, 2004! I was working at a Vet Hospital as a receptionist when a litter of lab pups came in! My husband and I were talking about getting a dog, so I couldn't resist and bought one! My husband brought her home on his birthday, what a nice present for him. 

He still likes to remind me that I picked out our dog on his birthday, and he didn't really have a say.  She whimpered all the ride home in his lap.  She came from a litter of 13! Her name is Carley and she is 8 years old now. She was a mischievous puppy, but how could we say no to that cute face! It's still hard to not give her a treat or some of my food with those big sad brown eyes staring back you. She is loved so much.

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